Power & Energy Hackathon

Context: Global power & energy landscape is going through paradigm shifts. The way energy is produced, stored and used is undergoing rapid changes. The exponential uptake of renewables promises to transform the traditional, centralized power grid . Besides, emerging countries with low energy consumption are gradually riding the wave of energy revolution. With this backdrop what does the future of energy look like for Bangladesh What kind of innovation can we bring in to tackle our power & energy sector challenge? 

Why Hackathon: Hackathons provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology. People with technical & functional backgrounds come together, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaboratively code/builds a unique solution from scratch — these generally take shape in the form of websites, mobile apps, hardware devises, robots. Process innovation etc.

Energy Hackathon 2017: Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources is excited to bring together a community of students, young professionals, hackers, hustlers and energy gurus – determined to harness the consumer and technology revolution in energy. You can Join us for two dynamic days to discover and engineer opportunities in the brave new world of smarter energy. Get access to data, experiment with new forecast, test your ideas with business mentors, learn about the aspirations that motivate Power/Energy sector customers, discover emerging technologies, tap into entrepreneurial fire power of participating teams and shake up your thinking. This two-day hackathon will bring experts in industry and policy together with researchers and students from diverse disciplines. Unlock ideas, educate influencers and stimulate entrepreneurship in the energy industry of Bangladesh. The event will take place on the 19th & 20th April, 2017 where around 800 participants will co-create solutions over a 36 hours long un-disrupted timeline.

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Hack, make, create and build new sustainable solutions that will set us all on the right path for a low carbon future.

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